Technical Heads

Living in the digital era where the world of technology has taken a leap, furnishing and delivering relevant and up to date information on social networking platforms to diverse audience is an indispensable and imperative task. We at PBS firmly believe that a successful venture requires a diligent and assiduous technical team.

This website is totally responsible for maintaining the platform with multifarious services and opportunities, which caters to plethora of exigencies which is not possible without the guidance and help of our technical heads.

Our Technical Heads employ modern methodologies and technical knowledge helping the students to keep abreast of the events, competitions, research paper, blogs, articles and current legal updates.

Our technical department has remained true to the vision on which it was founded.

Therefore, we are proud to announce our backbone at Pro Bono Solicitors i.e. our talented Technical Heads, who have not only walked the milestone with us but have also helped us achieve our objectives smoothly. We are glad to have them on board.

Our Technical Heads

1. Lakshay Khanna

2. Piyush Pal

3. Rohan Bharti

4. Dhruv Verma

5. Amartya Deo