Campus Ambassador Program

About Pro Bono Solicitors

Pro Bono Solicitors (PBS) is a platform with multifarious services and opportunities, which caters to plethora of exigencies. Incorporated in the year 2020, such a constructive and invaluable platform was established by Mr. Divanshu Kashyap with the idea of contributing his selfless services for the benefaction of everyone. The vast networking and multitude opportunities are a linchpin of PBS which endeavours to engage the legal fraternity together.

Our platform assures that each and every member at Pro Bono Solicitors is equipped and qualified to deliver adequate assistance & services. We at Pro Bono Solicitors are passionate about the endeavours we promise to uphold and deliver as the members are intrinsically motivated to perform their tasks for the greater good of the society. The platform pledges to provide its participants with a large expanse of free legal information, legal services, online events and profuse opportunities to gain and inculcate legal knowledge.

Call For Post of Campus Ambassador


The role of a Campus Ambassador primarily entails:

Promoting various events and posts at various social media platforms and in your college.

  • To bring on board the maximum number of students to the organisation through your profile link.
  • Regularly introduce new posters provided by PBS in your campus notice board.
  • Circulating ads, posters and videos through E-mail, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Guiding your peers to associate themselves beyond the university life to gain first-hand experience in the expansive world of laws. 
  • Reporting of progress on a daily basis to the allocated mentor.


  • Students who are currently enrolled in the 3-year and 5-year UG Law course and willing to work for six months.
  • Students who are actively involved on the campus in extra-curriculars, student organizations. 
  • Students who are active on social media.


Total – 25 Campus Ambassadors


Six months


  • An opportunity to work closely with PBS.
  • The student ambassador will get higher status in the student community. 
  • The student ambassador will get to learn about how to manage and organize things for an association.
  • Exchange of best practices with other like- minded Ambassadors from other colleges. 
  • Depending upon dedication of your work and exceptional performance, the student will be rewarded with the Certificate of appreciation every month.
  • Certificate of completion will be given upon successful completion of the tenure of six months.


Interested candidates can mail their Cover Letter along with CV on:

In case of queries, contact:

For further information and clarifications contact: 

1. Yashuti Sharma – +91 95821 00482

2. Vijaya Mandal – +91 96546 85158