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Steps to get your Article published on Pro Bono Solicitors:

• First, read our Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines for a better understanding of our requirements.

• If you’re satisfied, then start writing your Article accordingly.

• Once your article is complete, then submit it to the link given below.

• The submission file should be in .doc format only. No PDFs will be entertained.


• The publication is FREE OF COST.

• An E-Certificate will be awarded to the writer.

Editorial Policy:

PBS aims at giving everyone a platform to discuss, debate, comprehend and write on the issues currently pertaining to Indian Legal arena as well perceived to be important Internationally. For the fulfilment of such a goal and objective, we at PBS welcome the submissions of original articles on the aforesaid lines. Please refer to the instructions for Authors section below before submitting an article.


An article is a thorough analysis of current topics/issues currently being debated in India or abroad that could have an impact on India or else. The word limit for articles is between 1,000 to 2,000 words for due consideration and publication on our website.

Mode of Publication

PBS will procure contributions for the website in the form of Articles on Rolling Basis. We will accept rolling submissions for its forthcoming issues as per the following guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Your articles will be marked on the following points and should fulfil the following criterias:

1. The article should meet professional standards and be of publishable quality.

2. The article should be well-organized, attractively presented with grammar and spelling that is consistently correct.

3. The content shouldn’t be too dense/ technical for a reader. The concepts and case laws covered in the content should be easily understandable and mentioned in the simplest yet grammatically correct form.

4. Content should not be ambiguous or should not have multiple meanings.

5. It should include a critical, insightful, well-reasoned and thorough review and interpretation of principal findings in relation to said research.

6. Information and law should be accurate. Relevant sections referred to must be mentioned everywhere and the cases must have citations.

7. Important points should be properly highlighted, and the paragraphs should have proper headings and subheadings.

8. All articles which are submitted should be typed in font- Times New Roman with font size- 12, line spacing -1.5′; alignment- Justified.

9. Footnotes cited in the manuscript should be typed in font- Times New Roman with font size- 10, line spacing- 1′; alignment- Justified.

10. Citations should be in the form of footnotes and every references and citation should be done in Bluebook 20th Edition style format.

11. The articles should be submitted online in an MS – Word format document with your details in the e-mail body to 

12. The articles submitted for publication in PBS Website should be an original work of the author and should have not been published previously or currently is submitted for publication in any electronic or print media. 

13. The author will be responsible for the accuracy of the statement of facts, opinions or views stated in the submitted manuscript.

14. In case of any plagiarism found in the contents of the submitted manuscript, the manuscript will be rejected; maximum plagiarism accepted will be 15%. The final discretion as to the acceptance of the manuscript rests with the Board of Editors of PBS.


The manuscripts published by PBS are the Intellectual Property of the Website. However, for non-commercial purposes, the use of published material is not prohibited. Proper intimation and permission of the Board of Editors are required.

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