Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines for Articles and Blogs:

1. By submitting us your work, you’ll be sharing your expertise with potential students and experts browsing the website. Posts are also shared on our social media channels and selected articles will be entitled to perks.

2. Articles and blogs must be your original and unpublished. 

3. The authors shall receive an acknowledgement mail on receipt of the article by the Editorial Board. In case this does not happen kindly resend the submission. Once, the editorial board receives, it shall be processed through a rigorous editorial procedure. Decision regarding its acceptance or rejection shall be communicated to the authors within 14 days.

 4. All articles received by Pro Bono Solicitors will be reviewed by our editorial board. Our Editorial Team reserves the right to edit your article, including grammar, spelling, and formatting.

5. The Board Members may resend the article or blog to the author for reconsideration.

6. Pro Bono Solicitors shall have the copyright over the submissions and shall have the right to edit the submission without prior notification to the author. Once the submission is published on Pro Bono Solicitor Blog the same shall Article or Blog shall not be re-posted on any other platform.

Submission Guidelines: 

7. Co- authorship of maximum 2 people is allowed. 

8. The authors have to attach a relevant photograph regarding the subject matter of the article for a photographic preview in the blog-posts. The same shall be utilised in  social media updates and handles.

9. Below the photograph, you are requested to mention the Source of the Photograph. Not adhering to this clause may lead to  copyright infringement and the Article would be further disqualified.

10.Contents of the Article should be unambiguous and should not have have multiple meanings.

11. Per-requisites for Submission if Article/Blog: 

11.1 The article should include an abstract of 300 words (exclusive of the word limit).

11.2 Only 15% plagiarism is allowed. Breach of this clause would lead to immediate disqualification of the Article/Blog

11.3 The Article should comprise of minimum 1000 words and maximum 2000 words.

11.4 Submissions must in capitulate Times New Roman font. The “Headings” font size should be 14 and the “Content” font size should be 12 with 1.5 line spacing. 

11.5 The Article should be clearly demarcated with the Introduction, Body and Conclusion. All paragraphs should also be justified. 

11.6 All the relevant information, including but not exhaustive of Numbers, Newspaper Articles, Reports, Books/Jargons and Statues must have proper citations. 20th Ed. Blue Book Citation Formatting should be referred for the same. 

11.7 Hyperlinks and References are strictly prohibited. Breach of this clause would amount to reconsideration of the Article by the Author. 

11.8 All submissions must be made in .doc or .docx format.

12. The submissions shall be mailed at