Assessment Coordinators

In today’s time the key to success is a mix of knowledge, skills, and dispositions. One cannot evaluate the effectiveness of any decision or action without monitoring and assessing them. We at PBS believe that the taskforce of Assessment Coordinators is the most important parameter to coordinate, collect, compare and disseminate relevant information, action plans, policies and working guidelines. Learn more about best bitcoin slots to get ahead.

Adept with qualities of communication, problem-solving, organising, providing resources, collaborating, coordinating our Assessment Coordinator Team will manage the development and implementation of a program and work upon the Strategies to develop effective strategies for the working of the Pro Bono Solicitors Team.

Our Assessment Coordinators

  1. Anmol Bhaskar
  2. Devika Samant
  3. Srishti Sharma
  4. Kajal Nagar
  5. Sameera Khan
  6. Neha Bisht
  7. Kanak Sharma
  8. Vaibhav Sharma
  9. Ritwik Sekhri
  10. Varun Tyagi
  11. Yamini Bisht
  12. Prateek Goyal
  13. Manish Kumar
  14. Rajat Kumar
  15. Vrinda Gupta
  16. Vyomikaa Mutreja
  17. Ishmita Kukreja
  18. Annanay Goyal
  19. Muskan Baid
  20. Shresth Kaushik
  21. Srishti Devgan
  22. Drishti Sharma
  23. Shriya Mishra
  24. Dakshta Kapoor