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“Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Pro Bono Solicitors (PBS) is a platform with multifarious services and opportunities, which caters to a plethora of exigencies. Incorporated in the year 2020, such a constructive and invaluable platform was established by Mr. Divanshu Kashyap with the idea of contributing his selfless services for the benefit of everyone. The vast networking and multitude opportunities are a linchpin of PBS which endeavours to engage the legal fraternity together.

Our platform assures that each and every member at Pro Bono Solicitors is equipped and qualified to deliver adequate assistance & services. We at Pro Bono Solicitors are passionate about the endeavours we promise to uphold and deliver as the members are intrinsically motivated to perform their tasks for the greater good of the society. The platform pledges to provide its participants with a large expanse of free legal information, legal services, online events and profuse opportunities to gain and inculcate legal knowledge.

Standing true to our name, Pro Bono Solicitors strives to administer itself in a not-profitable manner as the entire revenue generated by various events and competitions shall eventuate to charitable causes because we understand that greatness is seen by not what you have, but by what you give. Therefore this team believes that we all together can and shall make a difference..


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The term ADR stands for “Alternative Dispute Resolutions”. ADR is a contrivance of dispute resolution that is non adversarial, that is working together co-operatively to reach the best possible resolution for everyone. ADR is severely helpful in reducing the burden of litigation on courts, while delivering a versatile and satisfying experience for the parties involved. Moreover, whether it’s the case of fulfilling the interest of the parties, or its collaborative bargaining, it provides the opportunity to “expand the pie”. ADR is generally classified into the following types: Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, and Negotiation.

In Arbitration, the disputes are submitted to an arbitral tribunal which makes a decision (an “award”) on the dispute that is mostly binding on the parties. It is less formal as a compared to a trial, and the rules are often relaxed in case of evidence. It’s a non-binding procedure in which an impartial third party known as the conciliator. The conciliator serves the recommendations regarding the settlement dispute; it is totally up to the parties in reaching a mutually satisfactory conclusion to the dispute. Conciliation is less formal than that of


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This great initiative taken by the team of Pro Bono Solicitors is stupendously commendable. The young law graduates along with budding lawyers moving ahead with keeping the interest of economically unsound in mind is highly meritorious. I feel extremely proud to be a part of it. Wishing PBS all the very best for prompt and quality services. Let justice be done.
Mr. Animesh Kumar
Advocate, Hon'ble Supreme Court & Patna High Court
This is to extend our hearty congratulations to the entire team of Pro Bono Solicitors. With positive aspirations, wish you all the luck for each upcoming step and effort of yours and hope that my services prove to be beneficial for the organisation.
Mr. Mohit Khanna
Advocate, Delhi High Court