Legal Representatives

Lawyer (noun): A person who helps all the aggrieved people to change the world

We’re unaware how the world would look in the aftermath of COVID-19. Certainly, many things would undergo a drastic transformation. However, how we embrace these changes – is the million-dollar question. It is an undisputed fact that sudden changes bring their own diversified challenges, which, in the present case, would surely be multi-faceted and far-reaching. The world has contended with many similar exigencies in the past only with a confined and focused goal to emerge from such crisis. However, this time, things are entirely different. The challenges in terms of psychological and sociological behaviour pertaining to the entire human race would be more troubling and perplexing in its enormously diverse ambit.
In the legal arena of our country, things are set to take a paradigm shift. Time, however tough it, may change. We must learn the ability of embracing change. A crucial step for our platform includes incorporation of the legal entities throughout India for growing and providing their services to everyone in need.

It has been rightly said that a journey without a destination is hindrance in the process of growth and creation. Therefore for reaching the desired destination and for accomplishing the aims and objectives set forth, one requires experienced professionals and experts to guide and edify us.

The Legal Representatives of Pro Bono Solicitors shall be responsible for approaching eminent personalities from the legal fraternity. The main reason behind incorporating the support and assistance of our distinguished legal panel is to ensure that grievances are heard and suitable legal advice is given to the needy.

Our Legal Representatives Group has been construed with an aim to integrate advocates and eminent legal personalities to be a part of Board of Members to shower their stroke of luck upon Pro Bono Solicitors (PBC) and those in dire need.

Our legal representative team encompasses some of the most passionate, omnipresent and fervent minds who believe that if they want something they never had, they have to do something they’ve never done before. They are an indispensable part of PBS and at all times are present to diligently render services to take this platform to heaven’s abode.

Our Legal Representatives

  1. Akanksha Sharma
  2. Lakshay Tomar
  3. Arpit Attri
  4. Khushi Sharma
  5. Yasheswini Sharma
  6. Sheetal Maggon
  7. Nischal Tripathi
  8. Kartikeya Yadav
  9. Tuba Aftab
  10. Jatin Bishnoi