PBS Podcast

About PBS Podcast

In every country there’s an obligation on citizens to know law because ‘Ignorantia juris non excusat’ which means ignorance of law is no defence.

So PBS has taken a small initiative to preach and teach law to all the people across the country .So that they can be aware of law and spread law further .

And so we have started with the PBS podcast.

The podcast will be conducted by eminent veterans and law professionals who will aim to address every query and questions related to a particular law.

It is rightly said ‘ when you hear something, you retain it better ‘ and so we have taken this approach and we are sure that your little support will add glitters to it . 

The podcast will target to address legal issues and matters and how they are related to the life of each and every individual.


The opinions and advice expressed here are intended as general information only and are not intended to provide any specific advice or due diligence to be relied on. Pro Bono Solicitors does not verify any comments made by the professionals and does not propagate or endorse to any listener/viewer.